Changes at nilsbird training

From today nilsbird training has changed! You might be wondering what I mean! Well, I had a think and thought: should I take the plunge and become, what we call in the United Kingdom, a limited company? Now there are advantages and disadvantages to this, which I won’t go into, but I felt it was worth a try so here we are: nilsbird training is now the trading name of nilsbtraining ltd. Not a vastly different name, I have to admit, and, in fact, my twitter and facebook handles are @nilsbtraining.

So, what will the change of status mean for the work of nilsbird training? On the face of it, not a lot, to begin with but, as I move forward, and potentially grow, you might see a greater range of options for training and, maybe, some provision for your students as well.

Thinking skills seems to have taken a bit of a back seat since I last wrote some posts! With the marking season around the corner (and, in fact, I have already gone round it, really!) that seat will stay filled until December now. Hopefully I can pursue some good, positive ideas then!

Blog post themes will expand, over the next few months, as I embark on pastures new. Do sign up for the blog email notifications to know when a new post has been put up.

Finally, my next blog post will be about a special weekend in December where I will be allowing access to previously broadcast webinars – for free. Sign up for the blog email notifications to know when the next post has been put up.

Short but sweet this time!

Until next time.
nilsbird training