Welcome to nilsbird training – the blog

I would like to welcome you to the nilsbird training blog. Although I have tried blogging before, this is my first proper attempt, so please bear with me!

The purpose of the blog is for me to share news about what I am doing with nilsbird training, interesting facts and other useful stuff for education. You can access the blog directly by using davidnilsbird.com. You can also contact me directly using any of the contact information shown in the side bar.

One of the first things you will notice is the Mathematics Questions – Newsletters category.

I am now up to Mathematics Questions – Newsletter No. 4. This can be found in the Mathematics Questions – Newsletters category. Previous versions are available for download at nilsbirdtraining.com/mathematics-resources, where all the questions the newsletters refer to can also be found.

So, as I say, welcome to my blog.

Please come again!

David Bird
nilsbird training